Meta launches standalone AI image generator, pioneering creative technology

Accepting the challenge posed by well-known companies such as DALL-E and Midjourney, Meta has introduced its standalone AI image generator, a breakthrough in creative technology.

Facebook Messenger users have long been familiar with the ability to generate ‘artificial intelligence (AI)‘-type images or imaginations by typing into prompts. Now, Meta has taken that capability beyond the messaging app and introduced it into a standalone AI image generator with its own URLs.

In a blog post published today (Wednesday), the company said users have enjoyed using Meta AI’s text-to-image generation feature to create entertaining and creative content in chats. The company has now expanded the experience beyond chat, making it available in the United States at

“For creative enthusiasts, this standalone experience called Emu leverages technology to generate images from our image-based models,” reads the blog post.

“While our messaging experience is more dynamic, designed for back-and-forth interaction, you can now also create free images on the web,” it continues.

Emu, Meta’s AI image rendering tool, is powered by sophisticated artificial intelligence software that was announced last month, along with the announcement of Emu Editing and Emu Video.

Emu Edit allows users to modify images based on text inputs — similar to Adobe Photoshop’s Generative Fill — although users cannot choose specific elements to change, as the AI interprets and understands the requested changes.

Users should only describe what they want when making a request. While EMU Video produces videos from still images and prompts, using the same basics as the EMU model.

Riff: Make Videos with Friends

Also meta announced today is a Messenger app feature named “Reimagine.” The functionality of reimagine is helps to users to remix and re-edit AI-generated images created by others in the chat.

Engaging with friends is a core part of the Facebook experience.

Meta highlights, “Imagine, our text-to-image generation capability, is one of Meta AI’s most widely used features in our messaging apps, allowing users to quickly create and share images.”

The concept behind their initiative was to promote the creative process and produce more exciting content by allowing collaborative video production.

In an ongoing effort to enhance the enjoyment and sociality of our AIs, Meta introduces a new feature to Meta AI on Messenger and Instagram, called Reimagine.

Introducing Riff, our latest creative tool designed for creating seamless videos with friends.

In group chats, Meta AI initiates and shares an initial image based on your request. Then, your friend can press and hold the image, provide a simple text prompt to riff on it, and Meta AI will generate an entirely new image.


Meta has launched Emu, a standalone AI image generator, expanding beyond its messaging app. Emu leverages advanced AI to create images from text inputs, enhancing the creative experience. Along with Emu, Meta introduced Emu Edit and Emu Video for image modification and video production. The Reimagine feature in Messenger allows users to remix AI-generated images in group chats, promoting collaborative content creation. Meta continues its commitment to increasing user engagement and creativity with innovative AI-powered tools like Riff for seamless video creation with friends.

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