Top 25 Powerful Civil Engineering Apps Free Download

Hi, are you Happy to see the top 10 engineering apps for your Android smartphone? I hope You are very happy and helpful. Today we will discuss the Top 25 Powerful civil engineering free download apps that help to improve your engineering profession, and every engineering construction and engineering technology sector. So this article is also more than informative and you get one of the best information and download links for your Android and iOS smartphone.

All the 25 Powerful Civil Engineering apps are free download and essential to download and install on your mobile. In each and every situation in engineering life you need these apps to solve all the issues and construction problems. If you are searching for all the civil engineering apps for free to download from a single page, you are in the right Place. I hope you will be happy after seeing this article. You can visit my blog for more informative articles.

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Top 25 Powerful Civil Engineering Apps free download list:

  1. Engineering Unit Converter
  2. Basic Engineering Dictionary
  3. Roofing Calculator Plus
  4. Civil engineering MCQs
  5. Civil engineering Basic
  6. Civil engineering app
  7. Build a Bridge
  8. Engineering Codes
  9. Microsoft Excel
  10. Floor Plan Creator
  11. AndTruss2D
  12. Beam Design
  13. Frame Design
  14. Civil Formula
  15. Tsheet Time checker
  16. Construction Master Pro
  17. AutoCAD (Dwg viewer and editor)
  18. Steel Profile
  19. Truss Me
  20. Magic Plan
  21. Total Station
  22. Invoice and estimate on the go
  23. Concrete Calculator
  24. Real Calc plus
  25. Handy Man Calculator

These are the top 25 powerful civil engineering apps for every engineering profession. You have must all the apps on your mobile to succeed in the construction and engineering profession at the present time. If you want to work digitally you must follow the technology to get better results and success. So we will discuss all the essential civil engineering apps in 2023. I hope you will stay tuned till the end of this article.

Engineering Unit Converter

This is my first and best collection of the top 25 powerful civil engineering apps. I am sure you also have this application on your devices. This is one of the most popular apps in the world due to its simplicity and easy to user interface. The app is moistly used to convert value from one unit to another.

This app simplifies the unit measurement conversion into any required unit format. In this app, you can input data and choose a unit on one side and you can select another unit on another side. Then you can spin the wheel and you get results in specific unit measurements.

You can convert of Length, energy, electric charge, and temperature from the Engineering Unit Converter.

Download: Android |

Basic Engineering Dictionary

I have already discussed this topic. This is a dictionary that includes all the meanings related to engineering. This app includes more than 15000 engineering terms and engineering formulas and equations. This is also called the engineering Learning app. A basic engineering dictionary helps to improve knowledge and information of engineering terms equations and formulas. so this app helps to increase productivity and ease in every construction terminologies. Different types of engineering formulas and solutions with engineering terminology are easily found in this app. So I suggest you download a basic engineering dictionary. This engineering app is also my best collection of the top 25 powerful civil engineering apps.

Download: Android

Roofing Calculator Plus

This app is designed for carpentry work. The carpenter can make a timber roofing using a roofing calculator plus apps. This app is completely free and also ad-free software. This helps civil engineering when timber roofing work is in progress. Like rafter length, and height of rafter concerning run. Generally, The definition Roofing Calculator Plus is a powerful and user-friendly app used to design and calculate common rafters, shade roofs, gable roofs, and roof pitches. If you are a civil engineer or Carpenter you must have this powerful civil engineering app.

Download: Android | Iso

Civil engineering MCQs

I hope you already know this powerful civil engineering app. This app consists of various engineering topics, Frequently asked questions, interview questions and answers, and much more educational information about civil engineering. If you search for basic to advanced levels of civil engineering information this app fully helps you.

The main purpose of this app is to provide subject-wise quick information, FAQs, and interview question and answer. I hope this is also one of the best apps for civil engineers. In this app, most of the questions have multiple answers and you need to select the correct answer. This app helps to choose the correct answer. Generally, if you want to learn subject-wise quick information civil engineering MCQs app helps you.

Civil engineering MCQs included 15,000+ civil engineering Multiple choice questions and 2000+ topics covering 28 civil engineering books References. This app helps to learn basic civil engineering with a systematic way to prepare for interviews, engineering exams, online tests, and engineering certifications. So you can enjoy installing the Civil Engineering MCQs app.

The Major Subjects included in civil engineering MCQs:

  1. Surveying
  2. Building materials
  3. Irrigation
  4. Railways
  5. Water supply
  6. RCC structure Design
  7. Soil mechanics
  8. Thermodynamics
  9. Construction management
  10. Estimation and costing
  11. Theory of structure
  12. Building Construction
  13. Concrete Technology
  14. Steel Structure Design
  15. water Supply engineering
  16. Strength of Materials
  17. Waste Water engineering etc.

Download: Google Play Store

Civil engineering Basic

This Civil Engineering basic app acts as an ultimate tool for all your Civil Engineering needs. It is a comprehensive resource that covers a wide range of important civil engineering concepts, including more than 500 topics. Whether you are a civil engineering student or a civil engineering professional, this app is designed for you. The best part of this app is completely free. It makes an invaluable resource for college students studying civil engineering and site engineers working in the construction field. Civil Engineering Basic is also the most powerful civil engineering app to improve your engineering knowledge.

Download: Android

Civil engineering app

The Civil Engineering App is the best engineering learning tool. This learning app helps to learn essential knowledge and information from basic to advanced. Among the outstanding construction and Android apps of 2024, this app stands out as an excellent resource.

The app’s primary goal is to facilitate quick learning and bring forth rapid subject research. It proves to be important knowledge during exams and interviews. The app covers all technical terms from basic to advanced levels in the field of civil engineering.

This is no ordinary app; It provides an in-depth exploration of the history and timeline of civil engineering as a convenient feature. The app is thoughtfully designed with vibrant visuals and well-structured content, making it engaging and informative for users.

Download: Play Store

Build a Bridge

The “Build a Bridge” app is a mobile application that comes under the simulation and puzzle game categories. In this game, players must design and build various types of bridges to conquer a series of difficulties and obstacles. The primary goal is to build bridges that are structurally sound and strong enough to handle the weight of cars, buses, Trucks, or other items that must traverse them.

Gameplay often involves selecting and strategically positioning various construction components such as beams, cables, and supports to create a stable bridge. When creating their bridges, players must consider physics, weight distribution, and financial limitations. The game often offers a wide range of tools and materials, allowing players to experiment with different ideas and techniques.

As players proceed through the game, the problems get increasingly difficult, necessitating more advanced engineering and problem-solving abilities. “Build a Bridge” applications provide a fun and informative approach for gamers to learn about basic structural engineering and physics concepts while experiencing the satisfaction of completing bridge-building challenges.

These applications are available on a variety of mobile devices, making them available to a diverse audience of gamers and puzzle fans interested in putting their technical and creative talents to the test.

Download: Play Store

Engineering Codes

This is also one of the best apps of the top 25 powerful civil engineering apps. This app is designed for Civil engineering, Mechanical engineering, piping engineering, and Electrical Engineering. This app helps to design all the mentioned engineering with standards and codes. You can follow the standards and codes for the engineering design.

The software helps engineers, engineering students, and designers rapidly determine which engineering codes and standards are utilized in the industry for the design of pipelines, piping components, static and rotating mechanical equipment, and electrical equipment. All the code descriptions are consistent in this app. So try this app in your engineering field.

Download: Play Store

Microsoft Excel

I hope this app is already known to everyone. This is the most popular app in the world. Most of the numerical data can be stored, handled, and collected in this app. Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet data entry app. In which you can create a file, edit a file, view a file, and share your file quickly. Most engineers can use this for the collection of engineering data in this app.

So I have included this app from the 25 most powerful civil engineering apps. In finance, accounting and other numeric-related fields can use this app. civil engineer can use this app collect the surveying data and estimation. you can try this app in your daily engineering life.

Download: Android | Iso

Floor Plan Creator

Floor plan Creator is a designing tools. You can create a floor plan at site quickly. In this app you can create and floor plan and visualized in 3D mode. With adding room furniture and other items in the floor plan. This app is also use for measurement area and perimeter of the floor plan. This app is also most powerful civil engineering apps collection.

So try this app in you daily life. I hope you get valuable advantage from floor plan creator app. Whether you’re renovating, redecorating, or just want to customize your space, this platform offers the perfect solution. key features of floor plan creator:

  • Multi-platform application.
  • Projects can have multiple floors with rooms of any shape (straight walls only).
  • 3D visualization of floor plans.
  • Furniture integration for interior design.
  • On-the-go access for shopping convenience.

Download: Playstore


Andtruss2D is very useful tools for the civil engineers professional. This app also use mechanical engineer and architect. This application is specifically designed to conduct linear static analysis of plane trusses using the finite element method. It provides an easy graphical user interface, streamlining the process of configuring static models and seamlessly visualizing analysis results. Key features of andtruss2D:

  • Linear static analysis of plane trusses
  • Utilizes the Finite Element Method
  • User-friendly graphical interface
  • Quick and easy setup of static models
  • Seamless visualization of analysis results

Download: PlayStore

Beam Design

Beam design is one of the best civil engineering app. Must of the civil engineer can use this app for design 1D hyperstatic frames. This app is most important app for construction builders and civil engineer. you can input, edit geometry, support and loads.

A beam design engineering app is a software program or tool that helps engineers with beam structural design. It often provides a user-friendly interface via which engineers may input design parameters and requirements. After which it does calculations and analysis to develop acceptable beam designs. To develop ideal beam designs for diverse construction and engineering projects, these programs may take into account elements like as load-bearing capability, material qualities, safety requirements, and structural integrity. A beam design engineering app, in general, streamlines the design process, saves time, and assures that beams are structurally sound and fulfill all essential standards and requirements.

Download: Playstore

Frame Design

A frame design engineering app is a powerful of software that helps engineers and architects design and analyze structural frames. These applications are used in civil and structural engineering to design, assess, and optimize many types of frames. Such as building frames, bridge frames, and other structural parts.

Key Features of Frame Design;

  • 2D and 3D frame modeling capabilities
  • Load analysis with support for different load types
  • Stress and strain analysis within frame components
  • Material selection from a library of options
  • follow the engineering codes and standards
  • Optimization tools for efficiency and cost-effectiveness
  • Visualization of frame behavior under different conditions
  • Report generation for documentation and presentations

Download: playstore

Civil Formula

This program utilizes mechanical formulas such as force, Varignon, bucking, Fdeflection angle, and deflection. This software is beneficial to civil engineers. It is a must-have Android app for building professionals.

Download: link

Tsheet Time checker

TSheets is a popular tool for tracking employee work hours and managing timesheets. This is cloud base time tracking and managing timesheet of the employee. Basically this app helps you to control employee in the construction site. The main features of this app is Accurate time track of in or out from the construction site.

Download: Android | Iso

Construction Master Pro

I have already discuss of the construction master pro engineering application. I will discuss short information of this app. Construction Master Pro is a most popular construction calculator tool. This app helps to calculate various calculations at quickly in construction site. Leaner measurement, Area calculation, roofing calculation and volume calculations can perform in the construction master pro app. So if you are engineer or builder this app is very helpful to you. Try this app on you android phone. This is my best app from the 25 powerful civil engineering apps.

Download: Android

AutoCAD (dwg viewer)

AutoCAD Mobile’s primary function is to provide an intuitive experience for working with DWG (drawing) files. DWG files are the industry-standard file format for design and drafting projects. With AutoCAD Mobile, these files can be easily viewed, created, edited, and shared directly from your mobile device, ensuring you have access to your design data wherever you are, 24/7.

Download: Android | Iso

Steel Profile

Beam sections from different countries – Europe, USA, Canada, Russia, United Kingdom, Australia, and Japan Predefined steel profiles – Metric and Imperial – Parametric sections (circular, rectangular, H, I, U) – Freeform sections – on all your devices Sign in to synchronize your preferences.

Download: Android | Iso

Truss me

Truss Me, created by a genuine rocket scientist, teaches you how to build truss systems. Create light and robust trusses for each task to collect valuable golden nuts. To deliver the most realistic behavior for your trusses, Truss Me employs cutting-edge modeling techniques utilized by aerospace, mechanical, and civil engineers. Truss me helps to analyzing and designing truss structure. Trusses are common in construction for their load-bearing capabilities, and they are triangular units that distribute forces effectively.

Download: Android | Iso

Magic Plan

Simply use your mobile device’s camera to create floor layouts. Scan a room in as little as 30 seconds and create comprehensive floor plans in minutes. A floor plan serves as the beginning point for elements such as material and cost estimation, 3D models, and virtual tours. Key Features of MagicPlan:

  • Room Measurement using device camera and sensors
  • Quick and accurate dimension capture
  • Floor Plan Creation with walls, doors, windows, and more
  • Object Placement for furniture and decor
  • 3D Visualization for spatial planning
  • Compatibility with various file formats
  • Estimation of materials and project costs
  • Export and Sharing options for plans
  • Augmented Reality (AR) for improved accuracy
  • Ideal for architects, interior designers, contractors, and homeowners
  • Simplifies on-site measurements and floor plan creation

Download: Android | Iso

Total Station

You know why this app is so important to the civil engineer and surveyor? Please comment down. That main problem in total station land surveying is location visibility. Due to long distance and many obstacle, we doesn’t clear visible of prism. So that this app is helps to find visibility of prism in total station land surveying. You must have total station in your mobile device.

Download: Android

Invoice and Estimate on the Go

“Invoice and Estimate on the Go” Engineering App is a mobile app designed for professionals in various fields including engineering, construction, and contracting. This app streamlines the process of creating and managing invoices and estimates on the go, providing convenience and efficiency for businesses and independent contractors.

Key Features of this app:

  • Invoice Creation with client information and itemized services or products
  • Estimate Creation for project quotes, including detailed descriptions and costs
  • Client Management database for easy access to client details and history
  • Customizable Templates for invoices and estimates
  • Payment Processing integration for client payments
  • Expense Tracking for project-related expenses
  • Report Generation for financial analysis
  • Data Sync and Cloud Backup for accessibility and data security
  • Multi-Currency Support for international transactions
  • Accessibility on mobile devices for on-the-go invoicing
  • Tax Calculation features for automatic tax calculations
  • Notification and Reminder system for payment due dates and follow-ups.

Download: Android | Iso

Concrete Calculator

This is my best and important app of the powerful civil engineering apps. I am personally use this app for concrete require for casting of beam slab and column also footing. In the structural member of the building you must calculate concrete amount for the casting. So this is useful app for the civil engineer. calculate the sand cement and aggregate for the concrete.

Download: Android | Iso

Real Calc plus

RealCalc Plus is a mobile application that looks and works like a portable calculator, delivering a wide range of scientific operations. Like Fractions, degrees/minutes/seconds, history recording, customized unit conversions, and constants.

It has several display modes, can do binary, octal, and hexadecimal calculations. It has an optional RPN mode. RealCalc Plus provides substantial assistance and is one of the best construction-related applications for smartphones. This powerful civil engineering apps to work in construction to give many scientific calculation.

Download: Android

Handyman Calculator

The “Handyman Calculator” is a mobile application designed for individuals working in the construction, home improvement, or handyman services industry. This app serves as a versatile tool for performing various calculations and providing assistance in a wide range of tasks typically encountered in these professions. This app is use in the constriction to reduce wastage, save time and money. Productivity Apps from 25 powerful civil engineering apps in 2024. Try it once! Calculate materials, track invoices, spend time, manage to-do lists and save calculations in Notepad.

Key Features of Handy man calculator

  • Construction calculations for area, volume, and linear measurements
  • Material estimation for various building materials
  • Unit conversion to switch between measurement units
  • Calculate the angle for the correct cutting angle
  • Fractional calculations are commonly used in construction
  • Project cost estimates based on labor and materials
  • Advanced functions such as trigonometric and slope calculations

Download: Android


What are Civil Engineering Apps?

Civil engineering apps are software applications designed to assist civil engineers and construction professionals in various tasks related to planning, design, calculations, and project management.

Where can I download these apps for free?

You can typically find these apps for free download on app stores like the Apple App Store for iOS devices and the Google Play Store for Android devices.

Are these apps suitable for both beginners and experienced civil engineers?

Yes, many of these apps cater to a wide range of users, from beginners to experienced professionals, offering features and tools for different skill levels.

Do these apps require an internet connection to function?

Some apps may require an internet connection for certain features, such as cloud storage or real-time data updates, but many can be used offline once downloaded.

Are these apps available for Windows or Mac computers?

Many civil engineering apps are primarily designed for mobile devices (iOS and Android), but some have desktop versions or web-based counterparts that can be used on Windows or Mac computers.

Are these apps suitable for educational purposes?

Yes, several of these apps are educational and can be used by students and educators to enhance learning and understanding of civil engineering concepts.

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