How to Fix water leakage from the Ceiling? Best way to 100% waterproofing.

Water Leakage from Celling is a very critical issue in the buildings. Today, we will discuss how to fix water leakage form the ceiling in your buildings. If you miss this type of issue in your building, you are not safe according to health and buildings structure. Seepage can effected to building structure and human body.

If you really treat this issue in the building, This article is very helpful to you. Please read carefully to fix the water leakage from the ceiling properly. First of all, you need to find out the source of water leakage. How do water leakage issues occur in your buildings? That is the main point.

If you get the source of water leakage from the ceiling then you fix treat properly. I have included the common source of water leakage from your concrete slab motioned below. Please comments down what are the types of seepage or leakage occurs from your ceiling.

Common Causes of Water Leakage from concrete slab

The followings are the common issue water leakage from the building slab:

Plumbing Failure

A water Plumbing failure is a common issue of water leakage from the ceiling. Different types of pipes can use for plumbing systems. Like Galvanized iron pipe(GI), Polypropylene Random (PPR) pipe, and Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride (CPVC) pipe.

So that different functions of property joint connect to each other. GI can joint with tape, PPR can joint by heating, and CPVC can joint by Glue. So, all the joining functions have different types of errors. Plumbing failure depends on the using materials and manpower.

I have included some main points to failure plumbing issues:

CorrosionIn GI pipe can corrosion over a time then pipe joint or pipe failure occurs
Poor InstallationImproperly Joint Pipe Connection, Incorrect pipe fittings and joint sealing
Wear and TearWater leakage due to Ware and tear due to continue use and pipe life deterioration .
High Water PressureThe location of water tank directly affected the water pipe pressure occur water leakage
Freeze water pipeIn the colder regions can freeze water pipes the pipes break strength resulting in water leakage.
Ground MovementWater Leakages due to ground movement or settlement of the building. Due to the movement of the Building can pipe joints are failure and slab occur cracks
Physical DamageThe construction activities and heavy objects can physically damage the pipe running through the slab resulting in water leakage.
Low quality materialsIf you are using Low-quality materials can water leakage on the slab. So use high-quality materials for the plumbing system.
Connection ChemicalPipe joint chemicals also damage from time to time. So properly inspect regular and maintenance.
Position of DuctIf you can’t provide a proper duct for the plumbing line then the head of water isn’t sufficient occurs water leakage from the overhead tank.

Sanitary Pipe Failure

The Sanitary lines are also Installed in the building. This is a second possible cause of Water leakage from the Ceiling. The Terrace, Kitchen, and Bathroom Have sanitary pipe lines. Sometimes sanitation connection is also failures due to many reasons.

Sanitary leakages usually occur for reasons similar to plumbing failures. In sanitary lines, we mainly use GI and PVC materials. GI connections are connected with tape, while PVC pipes are connected using glue or a heating process. Find out some of the common causes of failure in sanitary pipelines:

Poor ManpowerUsing poor knowledge and skills manpower for Sanitary pipe fittings.
Periphery Seal issueImproper pipe periphery seal for drainage and sewage lines at bathroom and terrace.
Slope of Pipe LineDue to Slopping issue can occur sewage and drain water leakage from the pipe joints.
Building MovementEarthquakes and transferring building load can the movement of the building, resulting in pipe joint failure and then water leakage from the joints.
Joint Chemical The chemical is most important to the pipe connection. Sometimes joint chemicals fadeout due to using external chemicals on the terrace, kitchen, and bathroom
Low Quality materialsMaterials should be using high class quality. If you are used low quality materials for the sanitation system then they don’t give proper strength and connection.

Low Quality Construction materials

This is the main reason for Water leakage from the ceiling. Basically, selling is a structural component of the buildings. If you are using some low-quality construction materials then they can’t give waterproof for the ceiling. They can’t properly bond with each other.

If you don’t use the best quality construction materials (like Cement, sand, aggregate, reinforcement, and other chemicals ) it directly effected to the structural and Non-structural parts of the buildings. So that we need to use high-quality materials for the construction.

Each and every construction material should be used High quality to prevent water leakage from the ceiling. So this is main part of the building to get better function of the structure. If you are using High quality materials that gives better connection, Better strength and long lasting. So that also minimize the Repair maintenance cost.

Improper Site Supervision

Technical Supervision is necessary during the construction. Each and every construction action is necessary proper supervision. If the technical supervisor can supervise the site they give better then better result for the house owner and contractor.

In today’s world, contractors and house owners provide the best of the best construction supervision report. That helps to find out any construction errors and faults. The main reason of water leakage from ceiling is improper construction supervisions.

In the Traditional method construction supervision reporting is different in comparison to the latest. The latest technology can use different ways to the supervision of the construction works. Like Supervision using CC TV and Online Supervision. So that the contractor and house owners shouldn’t go to the construction site individually.

But, if you provide one responsible person on the site, They can manage the overall system of the site. Quality control materials control and manpower management can handle by the responsible supervisor. Due to the supervision of individual work, an reduces fault and proper working process. So we need proper supervision to prevent any structural and non-structural mistakes. It helps to Prevent water leakage from structure part.

Importance of Supervision
Ensures safety and quality standards
Minimizes manufacturing errors and rework
Controls budgets and timelines
Monitors compliance with building codes
Facilitates effective communication
Manages contractor performance
Addresses and resolves issues promptly
Ensures project documentation and records
Increases project efficiency and productivity
Protects long-term structural integrity.

Terrace and Bathroom Flooring

The main causes of Water leakage from the ceiling is Terrace and bathroom flooring. Different location have different flooring properties. Such as Cement punning flooring, Tiles flooring, Marble and Mosaic Flooring. Different Flooring materials have different function. One of the main reason is Failure of the terrace or bathroom flooring materials.

The cement punning flooring has many hairlines cracks and detachment. Then they can’t work properly. Water can interform the voids and cracks then different part of the weak points of ceiling get damage form the water pressure.

Tiles and mosaic flooring serve similar purposes, providing functionality and aesthetic appeal to your space. In tile flooring, any water that seeps into the gaps or joints drains to the PCC (plain cement concrete) level beneath the tiles.

This setup allows water to hold onto the PCC, and when the tiles are heated, the water at the PCC level also warms, eventually causing the water to evaporate. As the water evaporates, it can create gas, which can cause small explosions in the tile floor or even small cracks in the concrete due to water pressure.

“With our top-notch flooring solutions, we ensure that your tiles and mosaic floors not only look stunning but function flawlessly. Our tile flooring is designed to drain any water that is directed to the PCC layer below the tiles. Above, so you can enjoy a safer and longer-lasting flooring experience.”

Choosing the right flooring materials is necessary for maintaining strong and issue-free buildings. Attention must be paid to the flooring material, including aspects such as tile gaps, mortar proportions, chemical mixing, and proper material transfer and handling. By ensuring these factors are properly taken care then you can significantly reduce potential problems

How to Fix water leakage from the Ceiling?

Basically, I suggest to New construction should be done properly using the best quality materials and manpower with supervision. That helps to reduce construction cost and maintenance costs. But the Old building can be treated different ways. Water leakage from the ceiling is the major issues of the building. Totally this part is structural component failure, then they need to treatment at the top of original concrete slab.

This type of failure is structural failure. We need to action immediately to improve structural function and elongate the age of the Building. I am recommended the provision of waterproofing on the terrace. Complete waterproofing is necessary for this type of issue. Today we will discuss in detail how to Waterproof Terrace is to fix Water Leakage from the Ceiling.

fix water leakage from celling

How to Waterproofing On terrace flooring?

The followings are the complete process of How to Waterproof on Terrace or Bathroom Flooring to Prevent Water Leakage from the Ceiling mentioned in detail. If you have any additional information related to this topic please write in the comment section. So let’s get started the complete process of Terrace waterproofing:

Surface Preparation

This is an initial process of the Terrace waterproofing for fixing water leakage from the ceiling. Before applying water proofing chemical and materials clean surface is necessary. If the presence of existing damage flooring materials like Tiles, cement punning and mosaic flooring should be dismantle properly. Dismantle process shouldn’t be damage in structural part. carefully dismantle. Then remove all the dismantle materials clean the surface. Surface should be free form any dust and cracks. It should be net and clean.

 water leakage from Celling

Repair Cracks and damage

This is second step to terrace treatment. After surface preparation , cracks are visible if that presence at the slab floor. If find the cracks fill the appropriate filling materials or chemical. The best crack filling materials is crack seal and cement slurry with waterproofing chemical. Applying, chemical at different cracks visible on the slab. It should be dry after applying the chemicals.

Water proofing Coating

After surface cleaning and Crack repair, waterproofing is necessary using waterproofing chemicals and a waterproofing membrane sheet. There are various types of waterproofing available in the market. But proper waterproofing is necessary. Such as chemical coating, cementitious slurry coating, and sheet membrane.

But we need to all method of waterproofing to get 100% water proof concrete slab. Like first of all applying chemical water proof, secondly cementitious slurry coating and attaching waterproof membrane sheet.

Chemical>Cementitious>Membrane sheet.

Applying Membrane

This is a flexible waterproofing material based on the Bituminous property. we should use 400 microns to 600 microns thick membrane sheet. It gives one of the best layers of the waterproofing. If you can use expert manpower to apply for the waterproof membrane, it gives 100 % waterproof to the ceiling or slab. After applying all the chemical water proofing the membrane sheet should be attached to the last layer of the slab flooring get better to Fix water leakage from the ceiling.

Importance of Membrane Sheet for Waterproofing
1. Prevents water penetration
2. Acts as a barrier against moisture
3. Offers excellent waterproofing
4. Resists cracks and damages
5. Provides long-lasting protection
6. Enhances structural durability
7. Suitable for various surfaces
8. Easy and quick installation
9. Improves thermal and acoustic insulation
10. Reduces maintenance costs
Membrane sheet

Cover flooring Materials

After complete the waterproofing process it should be cover by another flooring materials. such as Cement punning Flooring or Tile flooring. You can choose your one according to your budget and need. Flooring materials can depends on you.

If you cover by cement punning it should have a proper mixing ratio, proper slope, sufficient drain hole with proper seal and curing about 15 days.

If you can choose tile flooring you should use a Tile spacer during tile laying, proper slope, sufficient drain hole, and applying tile Grout properly between tile Joints.

All above are the complete waterproofing process to Fix new and old building water leakage from the ceiling. If you follow all the steps properly then your property gets long-lasting and good strength.

Cost of Bathroom Waterproofing

Bathroom waterproofing Schedule
Bathroom Floor Area30sqft
S.NDescriptionQtyUnitRate (Rs.)Total (Rs)
1Dismantling of existing Tiles , Koramasino and Soiling Work per bathroom30Sq. Ft.501500
2Surface Preparation and application of waterproofed membrane sheet30Sq. Ft.1504500
3Pond Test Correction of waterproofings1LS800800
4Formation of Brick Cova30Sq. Ft.1805400
5Plain Cement Concrete in the flooring30Sq. Ft.1203600
6Procurement of bathroom tiles Somany or equivalent with the base rate of Rs. 150 per sqft45Sq. Ft.1104950
7Laying of Bathroom flooring tiles1LS50005000
8Plumbing Works6Jobs12007200
9Procurement of Sanitary accessories (Pipes/ Elbows /Connections)1LS50005000
Total Cost Per Bathroom37950

Cost of Terrace waterproofing

Terrace Treatment Schedule With Cemented Punning(Detail working procedure in terrace flooring)
Terrace flooring Area:-1000sqft
S.NDescriptionQtyUnitRate (Rs.)Total (Rs)
1Dismantling of existing , Koramasino and Chipping Work1000Sq. Ft.4040000
2Surface Preparation and Application of Waterproofed membrane sheet as per specification1000Sq. Ft.150150000
3Provision of Waterproofed Fillet Cornering throughout the parapet walls and building Walls139R. ft.557653
4PCC and chipping works1000Sq. Ft.100100000
5Cemented Punning from top1000Sq. Ft.2020000
Total Cost For Terrace317653
Terrace Treatment Schedule With Tiles flooring (Detail working procedure in terrace flooring)
Terrace flooring Area:-1000sqft
S.NDescriptionQtyUnitRate (Rs.)Total (Rs)
1Dismantling of existing , Koramasino and Chipping Work1000Sq. Ft.5050000
2Surface Preparation and Application of Waterproofed membrane sheet as per specification1000Sq. Ft.170170000
3Provision of Waterproofed Fillet Cornering throughout the parapet walls and building Walls126R. ft.9011384
4PCC and chipping works1000Sq. Ft.110110000
5Procurement of tiles, Somany tiles or equivalent with the base rate of Rs. 150 with logistics1100Sq. Ft.150165000
6Tile Laying Works and cleanning1000Sq. Ft.6060000
Total Cost For Terrace566384


This helps you to improve your structural component for the long lasting. Follow Waterproofing process properly in your structural part of the building. Chomical waterproofing and sheet waterproofing get 100% proof in your house. I have mentioned above waterproofing costing for Terrace and Bathroom with medium market rate.


How do I identify the source of water leakage from the ceiling?

To identify the source of water leakage from the ceiling is necessary to inspect carefully the area above the leak for any signs of water stains, mold, or dampness. Common sources include roof leaks, damaged pipes, or faulty waterproofing.

Can I fix a ceiling water leak on my own?

Depending on the severity and cause of the leak then you may be able to fix it on your own. Minor leaks can often be patched using appropriate sealants or waterproofing products. However, for complex issues, it’s best to seek professional help.

What materials do I need to fix a ceiling water leak?

The materials you’ll need to fix a ceiling water leak include waterproof sealant, roof patching materials, membrane, a ladder, safety equipment, and possibly drywall or plaster repair tools.

How can I temporarily stop a water leak from the ceiling before getting professional help?

To temporarily stop a water leak from the ceiling, place a bucket or container under the leak to catch the water and prevent further damage. You can also use waterproof tarps or heavy-duty plastic sheets to cover the affected area.

When should I call a professional for ceiling water leakage repair?

It’s advisable to call a professional for ceiling water leakage repair if the leak is extensive. The source is not easily identifiable, or if you’re unsure about fixing it yourself. Additionally, if the leak has caused significant damage or poses safety risks, professional assistance is essential.

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